Form for American Library Directory Updated Information

How To Update The Form

To Apply Changes or Add New Information To An Existing Listing

  • Click the title on the yellow column header of the section you wish to change and the update page will open. Input the necessary changes/additions then click the Submit Changes button.
  • If there are no changes to report, click the No Changes box at the bottom of the form.
  • If you would like to request the library listing be removed from our database, check the box adjacent to Remove This Listing From Publication near the end of the form. You will have to provide a brief explanation in the Reason For Removing This Listing field.
  • If your library has branches, a link to each branch will display after you click the Corrections button.

To Add A New Library, Consortium, or Library School

  • Type "Newlisting" (one word, case insensitive) in the Listing ID box and click Search Listing. A partial form asking for Legal Name of Library, Minor Name of Library, and Type of Library will display. Input the name of your library and its minor name (if applicable) and select the type from the drop-down list. (The type "School" is used for colleges and universities that offer library science programs. Libraries affiliated with colleges and universities should use the "Library" option.)
  • Click Submit Changes. The full form will display and you can begin adding your library information using the instructions above.
IMPORTANT: Whether you are making changes to your entry, reporting no change to the data, or requesting removal, you will have to fill in the Information About Yourself section and click Submit Corrections. NO CHANGES WILL BE RECORDED ON OUR DATABASE UNLESS THESE SECTIONS ARE COMPLETED. Please provide your full name, title, phone number, and e-mail address. This information will be stored in our database so we can send you an annual e-mail message to update your listing.

* indicates required field 

Listing Information:
* Listing ID
  Listing ID: This is your 6-digit library identification number. (This number is not required if you received a link to your library's data via e-mail.) If you do not know your Listing ID, please contact Stephen Torpie at or at 800-409-4929, ext. 0278.